Must my pet have all it's vacinations up to date?

The short answer is yes.  Please follow this link for more information.

Pet Boarding Policies

Do you supply food for my pet?

It is preferred you bring your dogs regular food to help avoiding gastronomical upsets from a food change.   It also gives them a sense of stability with one less change during their boarding.  If you decide to have us feed your dog there is a small daily fee for this service.   Cats have a tendency to require special diets and will be fussy eaters so we do ask owners to bring the cats regular food with them.  

My pet requires daily medications-Is this OK?

No problem.  In most cases we are fully capable of administering pills, drops, ointments and injections or mixing special diets.  You must supply all medications and special foods and include clear instructions for us . In some cases there may be a small additional daily fee for time consuming special needs requirements.    This is decided on a case by case bases when you check your pet in.    

Boarding Rates

Is it difficult taking my pet across the border?

Important Information on Taking Your Pet Into the USA

Coutts Crossing Kennels is perfectly situated for you to board your pet with us verses taking it across the border.   When driving from Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary or Lethbridge, consider bringing your pets with you as far as Coutts and then board them with us.    You get to spend more time with them and you can continue your journey knowing they are safe and happy with us.   Avoid the worries regarding border issues, pet friendly hotels and extra charges or the risk of having your pet getting lost while away from home.

Coutts Border Crossing 

Coutts Crossing Kennels is located only 3 minutes from the Coutts Border Crossing.

Map To Coutts Crossing Kennels

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