About Us


Coutts Crossing Kennels is owned  by Leo Maxwell who has a long history with dogs, cats and other small pets.  As a child he was fortunate to have parents who also shared his love of animals and taught him responsible ownership.   Leo learned early on pets must have proper care which includes fresh water, a clean environment, proper food and nurturing.

In the early days Leo showed dogs and quickly learned there are many types of care.   Proper diet, coat health, toe nails all came under scrutiny and he realized his pets responded well to a high standard of care.   Animal husbandry courses taken at Olds Agricultural College provided him with both practical and technical knowledge.     

Leo's first kennel was established in 1973 and over the years he discovered big is not best.   Eventually a housing development encroached on his kennel outside of Calgary at which time he decided to take some time away from the commercial aspect of pet boarding and simply enjoy time with his dogs and horses.    As life dictates Leo, affectionately known as the "Kennelman" , realized he missed the business and started to look for an opportunity to set up another boarding facility.

Coutts, Alberta...only minutes from one of Canada's busiest border crossings was his choice. Rather than right in the town, he purchased a property about 4 minutes to the north east. Thus his pet guests would not be close to a highway and the resulting vehicle noise or fumes.    Leo has provided both the community and the traveler an opportunity to place their pet in a safe and caring environment.

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